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Vaughn's brand new release!
A result of his healing and recovery from a concussion, Vaughn shares with you music that will relax, de-stress and bring peace to your mind, body, spirit and soul.  Meditate with it, read, work, pray, sleep, get a massage, or just take a mental journey for a bit to clear your thoughts and "get away".
"Music is the most effective and quickest way to change your atmosphere, mentality and environment. When you have a choice of music to listen to...choose wisely and intentionally."   ~ Vaughn Fahie

"Like a candle whose scent pleasantly permeates the room in which it is lit, l elicit smiles from your guests by melodiously setting the atmosphere with live jazz from my saxophones. Just a few notes and your event will never be the same."
Musically Yours, Vaughn

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